Encounters With A Yeti

“Manila-bred quiet/loud, space-noise mongers encounters with a yeti is a group of musicians intent on creating music that the they define as “tonal poems”. In keeping with the “acousmatic music” concept they adhere to, encounters with a yeti eschew lyrics which they consider as a distraction between the musician and the listener making all their compositions purely emotion- based instrumentals that leave to the audience the task of making the music relevant for them selves. Though these are all rooted in rock, the music often finds itself incorporating elements of other musical genres in the spirit of free-form experimentation and collaboration.With a core of amiable, laid-back and free-wheeling people in Ponchie Buenavista, Ross Pleyto.Caloy Tiangco, Des Lawas, Ariel Mesina, Ramon Rivera and Niño Valmonte, it is easy to consider encounters with a yeti as a group of extroverts but it belies their inner bashfulness, modesty and glossopho bia anathema to the common perception of a rock band which are subtly reinforced in their recent insistence to avoid capitalization when writing their band’s name.Their material has been described in many ways but since they refuse to be pigeon-holed nor do they believe in genres, feel free to file them under “music”. “