Radioactive Sago Project

The eight-piece ensemble from the suburbs of Quezon City, Philippines plays a critically acclaimed mélange of spoken word poetry, jazz, punk, soul, afro-latin, metal, and a mad sundry of musical styles sprinkled with massive doses of humor and irony. The Radioactive Sago Project’s perennially surprising stylistic excursions have earned them a cult following, from critics to art fans, even to discerning rock audiences. The band is fronted by four-time Palanca Award-winning writer Lourd de Veyra, along with alumni from the UP College of Music (Francis de Veyra-bass, Jay Gapasin- drums, Junjie Lerma- guitar, Rastem Eugenio-saxophone, Pards Tupas- trombone, Arwin Nava- percussions, and Wowie Anzano- trumpet). The Project first made waves performing in the literary circuit, eventually expanding their repertoire and personnel as they blasted their way into the Philippine rock scene, defying prevailing musical trends. Manila was unprepared for that sucker punch that was their self-titled 2000 major label debut, one that combined screaming horn sections with funky grooves, jazz chords suddenly morphing into heavy punk riffs, all topped off with absurdist, sarcastic spoken word vocals. Four years later, the band continues to chart hitherto unexplored musical terrains with their second effort Urban Gulaman. The independently produced album shows the band’s technical and compositional confidence growing from strength to strength– and still defying expectations by adding more elements like cha-cha and bossa nova without turning down the decibel level. The band’s third album is the critically-acclaimed Tangina Mo, Ang Daming Nagugutom Sa Mundo, Fashionista Ka Pa Rin, which has gained praise from Pulp Magazine, Burn,,, among others. After being the first local album to earn Pulp Magazine’s top rating, the album grabbed the coveted top spot on the FHM 100th issue’s list of top 100 albums from 2000 until the issue’s release in 2008.