Sleepwalk Circus

Sleepwalk Circus’ name was derived from the band’s belief in the idea of moving forward and living this active life the best way it should be lived, with eyes closed. The group was formed by Francis Lorenzo and JM Quiblat (a veteran sleepwalker who guests or shows up every now and then and also coined the band name), who then recruited Mica Cabildo and Mike Quiblat for live play and to complete the ‘1st circus.’ They evolved from a 4-piece band to a trio, and at times, a collaboration of artists ‘iron-fistly’ guided by Francis. There were even those rare instances when it was just him straight up, alone—a result of schedule conflicts that almost put live performances on hold. The need to recruit new blood brewed sounds that were sometimes dark, trippy, strangely happy, lucid, ‘machinic’, ‘demagougeric’, wishy-washy, walkywalk, simple, and fierce. It was then that everything took shape and soon the circus was set-up. And the goal of the ringmaster? To bring people into Sleepwalk Circus’ tent world so that they come out still connected to it. So step right up, folks, don’t be shy, this show has always been running.